Sunday, February 22, 2015

Phonesense, Nonsense and Twenty-Five Cents — Tweeted Mystery "The Golden Parachute" Continues

Here are Week 109 @Twitstery tweets of The Golden Parachute, the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

I couldn't say I tweet because her father's ghost told me to. I thought of something else. "We tweet so that we can get up again." "Huh?"

I don't think she bought it. "That makes no sense at all. Get up from where?" She had a point. I would have settled for getting out of jail.

I tried again "How about this: 'I tweet therefore I am.' That means that what I tweet defines who I am." Big Guy said "Yeah? Tweet this."

The grumbling behind me intensified. Regi said "I tweet therefore I am? So you don't exist right now?" "No. I exist, I'm just not tweeting.

"You're not tweeting because you're in jail." At that cell lights went dark, leaving only a lamp above the pay phone. "I know I'm in jail."

Some prisoners on benches snored. Others hissed "Shut UP!" I whispered "They're holding me over til morning when I go before the judge."

"You have to post bail to get me out." "I'll be there." The line behind me pressed forward again. Then Regi said "I have one last question."

"Yes?" "Why am I tweeting?" "It's a long story." Someone back in line said "Time m#4ther f@cker! Get off the damn phone!" "I SAID A MINUTE!"

"My tweets are evidence of the paradigm shift." Regi said "What's a paradigm shift, a designer dress?" Big Guy said "What paradigm shift?"

"A paradigm shift is a change in the way we view reality." Regi said "Tell me again in plain English." Big Guy said "What paradigm shift?"

"How about this: Do you believe the Earth is flat or round?" "Both." Big Guy said "Round asshole." I covered the phone and hissed "Quiet!"

To Regi I said "Huh?" "I KNOW the Earth is round, but I live on it as if it's flat." Big Guy said "What does it matter what she believes?"

I ignored him and asked Regi "What do you mean?" She said "I don't believe I'd fall off the Earth's edge if I travel too far east or west."

Did Regi think the world rode on a big turtle? What about the elephants? "But you WOULD fall off a flat Earth!" "Not if I stop soon enough."

Regi asked "Why don't I fall off a round Earth?" "Because of gravity!" "An invisible force keeping me from floating away? Give me a break!"

Someone muttered "Damn flatland bitch." I turned in response "NO SHE'S NOT!" "What was that?" "Nothing. Comments from my fellow detainees."

I continued "You don't believe in gravity?" "I'll believe it when I see it." A voice says "Deposit 25 cents to continue." I dug for change.

Whispers of anticipation came from those waiting line behind me. "His money has run out!" "He's out of change!" "He's finished!" "Hooray!"

There! One last coin! "This is my last quarter" I said as the two-bit piece went "Clink!" in the phone receptacle. Several in line groaned.

No matter. I had a few precious minutes more to get Regi to see reason. "OK. Try this: Does the Sun circle the Earth or vice versa?" "Both."

That didn't do it. "Really?" "Yes. I KNOW the Earth orbits the Sun. I live the opposite." Big Guy said "Hey man, save this for the judge."

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