Saturday, October 18, 2014

Code Pink! — Tweeted Mystery "The Golden Parachute" Continues!

Here are Week 91 @Twitstery tweets of The Golden Parachute, the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

What happened to Farley? Rixey and his men enter first and quickly fan out to each corner of the room looking for the erstwhile occupant.

Regi, Dot, the Concierge and I follow the cops in. No one is home. Rixey says "Are there hidden doors or secret closets?" Dot says "No."

Regi says "What's that smell?" "What smell?" "I detect a faint whiff of bowel." "It isn't me." "No, like you sometimes get in a path lab."

"Something is different about this room from the last time we were here." "Yes. Farley Granger isn't standing over there shooting at us."

"Something else I can't put my finger on." Rixey pokes around the empty desk and bare shelves. He says "I don't get this as a safe room."

"What do you mean?" "There's no phone or computer." "Farley had a thing about them." "No food, no water, no books, no TV. Nobody at all."

"How could he survive here? Why was he hiding? Why is everything pink?" Regi says "That's it! Farley's safe room wasn't this color before."

Regi is right! When we were here a little while ago the room was painted in muted greys, whites and silvers. Now everything has a pink hue.

Dot says 'Uh oh." He turns to the Concierge. "Call Containment. Get them over here quick." Rixey says "What is it?" "Don't touch anything."

"What is going on?" Dot gestures around the now in-the-pink safe room. "The pink sheen on everything may be what remains of Farley Granger."

"WHAT THE HELL?" Regi says "EWW!" I have been leaning on Farley's now-pink desk. I jump away and realize I stand on Farley's now-pink rug.

Everything pink. Pink floor, pink ceiling. Behind a pink desk, next to a pink chair is a pink belt buckle and Farley Granger's now-pink gun.

Pink. There's no way around it or through it. Rixey says "Doc, you're saying all this pink stuff was a person?" "That's Farley in the pink."

"That's impossible! What vaporized his entire body like this?" "I don't know. But we're all contaminated by this possible biohazard."

I say "A biohazard? What does that mean?" "It means that until we know what turned Farley into a pink mist, no one can leave this hospital."

Farley Granger another victim of an implausible murder? I always thought he was a dead ringer for his twin brother, but this is ridiculous!

That it comes to this! First Willum split, not in a good way. Now Farley's too too solid flesh melts, thaws and resolves itself into a dew!

Also, not in a good way. I normally take charge at times like this. As an ex-cop on permanent dismissal, my crime detecting hands are tied.

I pick up Farley's now-pink gun with a pen. "He used this gun. Bag it for forensics." Rixey says "Who asked you? This is my crime scene."

Rixey continues "And as for who will say who can leave, that is me." Dot says "No, as the current ranking medical authority that is me."

Dot and Rixey stand toe to toe. "You have no authority here" they say in unison. "Yeah? Who's going to stop me? I am. You and what army?"

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