Sunday, March 30, 2014

How Do You Know When God is Calling? - "The Golden Parachute" Continues!

Here are Week 62 @Twitstery tweets of The Golden Parachute, the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

"Do I have your word you'll limit religious activities to the church, mosque or synagogue of your choice?" "Can I have my gun back?" "No."

"Can I at least have my bullets?" "NO!" Dot says "You're missing the bigger picture. Someone is after Granger's body. We don't know who."

"Could this be a move by Dr. Dash to gain possession Granger’s body?" "Dash wouldn't use a phone. He'd publish verse in a literary journal."

"Someone who always seems to know our whereabouts is after the body. How do you suppose they always know our whereabouts?" “I have no idea.”

Regi says "I have an idea. It's Twitter. Whoever is after my father follows you on Twitter. You're tweeting right now, aren't you?" "Maybe."

"If you tweet everything, that's how our travels are shadowed." "You're wrong. No one follows my account." "What about @HelloKitty1781?"

I can't tell Regi I keep tweeting to flush out Granger's phantom doppelgänger. As soon as I tell her he'll read the tweet and know my game!

"Ixnay onway ethay elloKitty1781@Hay. Iway an'tcay elltay ouyay ywhay Iway eepkay eetingtway." My phone chimes. It's from @HelloKitty1781!

Damn! RT @HelloKitty1781 I speak Pig Latin too you idiot. I'm not following you to steal Granger's body from you. I sent you to find him!

I show the doppelgänger's tweet to Regi and Dot. Regi says "You should stop tweeting." Dot says "You should continue tweeting" "What? Why?"

Dot gestures toward Orville and says "You keep getting intercepted. You're being followed all right and not just by your doppelgänger."

"Stop tweeting and lose the only link to your mysterious follower." "And more importantly, he loses his only link to me." "Are you sure?"

"Tweet and whoever's after my father will find him." "Given his prolonged post-mortem persistence no one will be after him." "Are you sure?"

"To tweet or not to tweet. Is that the question?" "Shut up, Orville" I explain. "Are you sure?" For the first time in my life, I'm scared.

The game is afoot and I stand at a crossroad. I continue to tweet with the probability my comments are monitored. If I stop I learn nothing.

I tighten a vagrant shoelace. Now I'm ready to take a stand. "If I stop tweeting the story ends." Regi says "You know, I think you’re nuts!"

"You're going to keep tweeting?" "I tweet therefore I am." "Twittlesticks! You go barging around without a clear idea of what you're doing."

"This is a newsflash to you?" "Everybody bats you down, smacks you over the head and you keep right on hitting between tackle and end.”

"Do you know which side you’re on?” “I don’t know which side anybody’s on or who’s even playing.” Dot says "Please don't be on my side."

Airport security surrounds our plane. As Orville is handcuffed he says "Farewell my lovelies. Better to reign in Heaven than serve in Hell."

Regi says "I still don't get it. Why does he think God phoned him?" "The mind is its own place can make a Heaven of cell, a cell of Heaven."

(The Twitter Mystery continues daily at @Twitstery)

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