Sunday, January 26, 2014

As I Lay Dying - "The Golden Parachute" Continues!

Here are Week 53 @Twitstery tweets of The Golden Parachute, the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

It takes two people to make you, one people to die. Cut in two, Granger unified. He did it once, I can do it too. Except he's still dead.

My father used to say the reason for living was to get ready to stay dead a long time. I beg to differ. You don't need a reason to stay dead.

I tweet therefore I am. When young I believed death a phenomenon of the body; now I know it is a function of the mind, assuming you have one

That's my way back. By my tweets ye shall know me. So long as men can tweet, or eyes can see, so long lives this, and this gives life to me.

"Arkaby wake up!" "Lemme sleep Ma I'll find a job tomorrow." I open my eyes. I'm lying on the tarmac next to Granger's body. "I'm not dead?"

"No, you fainted." My head rests on Regi's lap. The sun, an hour above the horizon, poises like a bloody egg upon a crest of thunderheads.

The light has turned copper: in the eye portentous, in the nose sulphurous, smelling of lightning. No not clouds. Black smoke fills the air.

"I thought I lay dying. Where did those trigger-happy guards go?" "They scattered when the derelict jet landed." I look down the runway.

Thick black smoke blankets the runway as emergency and security vehicles circle the same jet that followed us from the island. They made it!

Regi says "You were bowled over by the backwash when the jet passed over our heads." "I was shot! I thought I was dead!" "They never fired."

I sit up. "I'm not wounded?" "Maybe your pride." "Don't have any. That jet landed safely?" "Yes, and they scared away your firing squad."

Who were those guys? Somehow they knew we were coming in with Granger's everlasting remains. They were ready to kill to achieve their goals.

David says "Did your life pass before your eyes?" "I missed it. I'll catch it later on YouTube." "Did you see God?" "Not where I went."

Dot says "This is our chance. My plane is waiting nearby. I can deal with Customs on the mainland." Dash says "I have a boat. Let's float!"

"Damn it Dash!" David says "Forget these clowns. I can fly you. I just gotta gas up." Decision time. I look at Regi. She shakes her head.

I say "David, I'd like to say it's been a pleasure flying with you." "Gee Boss." "But I can't. We're going with Dot. Dot says "Finally!"

Dot turns "Where did my pilot go?" Dash says "He took off when that jet landed." David says "I can fly your plane." Regi and I scream "NO!"

Dot says "How much?" "On the meter." I don't have a meter." "No problem. I have one." I say "I would revisit Hell rather than fly with you."

David looks offended. "Gee Boss. After all we've been through." "And all it's cost me." Dot and Dash load Granger's body onto their Cessna.

David says "You're gonna fly THAT?" Dot says "If I can find my pilot." "Good luck." As David leans against his air taxi a wheel falls off.

Regi says "Dad's body is aboard. We're good to go." Dash says "All ducks are in a row." David says "Still you have no pilot." "Here I am."

(The Twitter Mystery continues daily at @Twitstery)

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