Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Recumbent Dead – The Golden Parachute Continues!

Here are Week 35 @Twitstery tweets of "The Golden Parachute" the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

Leaving Yorick to his humerus, I helped Regi up and we walked to the lab next store. "Is that boy peeing in the drinking water?" Regi asks.

"Funny I never noticed that…" Regi turns to the cadaver on the table and freezes. "What is that doing here?" "I thought you could tell me."

She walks to the table "There are no classes today. Everyone's still celebrating or sleeping it off. This needs to go back in the fridge."

"I thought medical cadavers keep forever." "Nothing keeps forever. This will turn if left out." "Can't smell worse." "You'd be surprised."

"Why does the University get bodies from a cemetery?" "They can't." "Look at the toe tag." "Founders Cadaver Exchange? That can't be right."

"Founders Memorial. That's where we buried my dad after you closed his case." "I don't think so." "What do you mean?" "Take a closer look."

"At what?" "Being a Caribbean med school makes it hard to get fresh cadavers. It appears that they traffic in illicit cemetery recyclables."

"You're suggesting the University imports illegal cadavers for anatomy?" "If the shoe fits…" "That's ridiculous. Dead men don’t wear shoes."

"Each year BMU admits over 1000 medical students who must each cut up a cadaver. How do they provide enough bodies for all those bodies?"

"In addition the University is in perpetual financial distress. They wouldn’t be the first bankrupt business to cut corners to cut costs."

"You're saying suffering sustained insolvency, the school supports sundering surreptitiously stolen stiffs?" “I’m not sure I CAN say that.”

"I don't believe you. Too risky." "It's even worse. Does he remind you of someone?" Regi glances at his face. "Corpses all look the same"

"Would it convince you if this wasn't just you know, some body, but was somebody you know, whose body should still be at Founders Memorial?"

"Arkaby, have you seen a ghost? You're not usually so tongue-tied." Coughing out the string, I point to the cadaver. "Take a careful look."

Regi lifts the head. "Usual anatomy specimen. See the grey skin tone? No red dye in the embalming fluid. Also explains the tumescence.”

"What do you make of the sutures around his middle?" "That is something you don't often see. He must have undergone some massive trauma."

Regi isn't conducting the proper postmortem. Are we certifying her father's remains or not? What will to take to push her over the edge?

"This body isn't somebody to you?" "We medical students learn to depersonalize our cadavers." She lifts the torso. "No sign of… Oh my GOD!"

Maybe she finally makes the connection. "What have you discovered? What's wrong?" "I just realized. I never returned any of your calls."

"What?" "All those messages you left me. I never called back." "That doesn't matter." "Except before Hurricane Sandy when I did call you."

"You called me before Sandy?" "It was late at night. A woman answered and said you were sleeping." "You're missing the bigger picture here."

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