Sunday, February 10, 2013

Twelve-Inch Twitterfall in NYC This Week! The Amazing Twitter Sequel Continues!

Here are Week 4 @Twitstery tweets of the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

"I just reality-checked you with your own Tweet. That's what's needed as our reality is attacked." "What I saw is a cheap parlor trick."

"There isn't a shilling's worth of proof in your argument and I use 'shilling' on purpose." "You haven't noticed the unexplained shortages?"

"And sudden unexpected outages?" "Why does that have anything to do with it?" "Item: The Chinese corner the market on rare earth minerals."

"Item: Droughts, exports and ethanol create a corn shortage which produces a shortage in pork, beef and Doritos." "I have one question."

"What?" "Are we talking football stadium level power outages?" "Bigger than that. Think New York City in 2012. That was part of the plan."

I was caught uptown with my pants down when the lights went out and the tide came in. "Not the hurricane? How about the 2003 NYC blackout?"

"NYC 2003 was just run-of-the-mill incompetence. But include the Fukushima meltdown, the Eyjafjallajökull volcano and the Twilight Saga."

This is all hard to swallow much less pronounce. "You believe that every bad thing that happened in the past decade is part of some plot?"

"Except 9/11, of course." "Which wasn't part of the grand plot?" "No, which happened more than a decade ago." "I find you hard to believe."

"So, Detective, you can find something, sometime. I was beginning to think you stole Arkaby's identity." Nobody likes the smart aleck dead.

He sits in my guest chair. "Which part of my warning gives you trouble?" "All of it. Next you'll be saying we've never been to the moon."

"If only. I'm not that kind of lunatic." "What kind are you?" He stares balefully at me. "You must visit three places" he says. "No thanks."

"'No thanks'?" "Last time I mixed it up with you people my mind left my body, I ran naked through a hospital and I was locked in a freezer."

"I was hit on the head, stung by bees, plunged facefirst into a bowl of tapioca and nearly recited poetry." "Sounds like a good time to me."

"I owe the hospital over $30,000. I'm on semi-permanent police suspension and I wasn't showcased at last year’s #TwitterFiction Festival."

"There's nothing you can say to make me get involved again." "What if I told you that Regi was already deep into this and in great danger?"

Damn! Regi is Regna RG Granger. Her name is the same backwards or forwards and her initials don't stand for anything. "I'm in." I say.

Her father, the late Willum Granger, who may not be as late as expected and who may be standing before me, had an obsession for palindromes.

"Willum" is almost a palindrome, flipped at the end rather than reversed. How hard it must have been to live with a twisted palindrome name.

If Granger's parents named him "Williw" instead of "Willum" would he have given Regi a more unidirectional appellation? Probably not.

But that, like a palindrome, is neither here nor there, or perhaps both here AND there. Granger is no doubt dead. Regi is very much alive.
(The Twitter Mystery continues daily at @Twitstery)

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