Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Fast, Funny Twitter Mystery Continues! This Week's Amazing Tweets!

Here are Week 3 @Twitstery tweets of the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

"To stop bad guys." He looks at me. "You are reputed to be a hard case. Is this true?" "Yes. I don't have super powers but I'm hard enough."

"Hard enough to deal with the end of the world as we know it?" "Depends" "Depends? On what?" "Are you speaking literally or figuratively?"

"There are plans afoot to alter the very structure of reality." "Uh hunh. You're starting to sound like an undigested bit of beef again."

Granger's doppelganger lets out a great moan. "Unn! You are so difficult to talk to! Man of the worldly mind! Do you believe in me or not?''

"Look pal, you waltz into my office masquerading as a dead man, chatter about altering reality and I'm the one who's difficult to talk to?"

"Masquerading? Dead man? Who do you think I am?" "I'd bet my last shilling you're an actor sent to pwn me." "Did you just say 'shilling'?"

"No I said 'dime' as in 'I'd bet my last DIME.'" "You said shilling." "I'm sure I didn't." "You really said SHILLING." "NO, I said DIME."


"HOW ABOUT I BEAT YOU WITH THE BLUNT OBJECT APP ON MY CELL PHONE?" He looks at me, then takes his phone, taps the screen and shows it to me.

On his Twitter account I see my words "I'd bet my last shilling…"  Like a swift gut punch I realize the truth. "You follow me on Twitter?"

"Yes. You didn't learn a lesson when A tagged your tweets last time." A had spied on my Twitter feed during the Granger murder inquiry.

His Twitter awareness gave him an advantage in evading me. It also came to so preoccupy his attention that he ultimately gave himself away.

"OK. I said shilling. So what?" "You said shilling but remember dime." "But what does it mean?" "I fear it may be earlier than I thought."

"Earlier than you thought? Don't you mean later?" "Later than what?" "Later than you thought." "No, it's earlier." "How can it be earlier?

"While you engaged A in your half-twitted combat, gears turned and actions were taken." "I disagree. Our confrontation was fully twitted."

"When technologies clash there are winners and losers. In this case I won, A lost. Why did you say earlier?" "We may be ahead of ourselves."

"The shilling has been gone since 1991, yet you referred to it as still in circulation. In addition, you're not even British." "Not lately."

"A slip of my tongue is the result of time travel?" "One unanticipated consequence of a reality shift can be a phasing in and out of time."

"If my tendency to tongue slip is a passing phase, this tale will be much shorter." "One can only hope." His words give me a lot to ponder.

I am onto something. I need to quickly get off.  I'd best keep my tongue to myself. He paces back and forth. "This is really bad." he says.

"If I grant your time-warped hypothesis," I say "what has it got to do with me?" "You are the only regularly tweeting member of the police."
(The Twitter Mystery continues daily at @Twitstery)

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