Sunday, February 17, 2013

The State of Our Twitter Union is Strong! The Amazing Twitter Sequel Continues!


Here are Week 5 @Twitstery tweets of the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

Regi was ready to try anything twice if she liked it. Once if she didn’t. I couldn't imagine a chance she wouldn't hazard. Or a vice versa.

We first met at "Body Parts R Us". I had been multitasking while driving, my mind left my body and I was prepped for cosmetic surgery.

When I first saw Regi, I felt something "click" in my solar plexus. When she yanked out my catheter I felt something "click" a bit lower.

"I won't be able to use this for a month!" I cried. "I can wait." she replied. Regi was a tall, cool drink I wanted to swallow in one gulp.

Anyone could see she needed no body part swapped. She had infiltrated Body Parts R Us under false pretenses to look into her father's death.

"Your mind and body separated." she noted, "Why are you prepped for cosmetic surgery?" "A beautiful mind is a terrible thing to waste."

After Regi freed me from my medical tethers, we stumbled upon the horrors of the BP R U Genetics Museum where they had rhyme, but no reason.

Granger's doctors had tailored his genes, cutting DNA corners, purging vestigial nucleotide sequences, swapping in augmented body parts.

Not content to surmount mortality through the miracle of cloning, Granger unnaturally selected a climb further up the evolutionary ladder.

So he thought. With some surgical malpractice, a compelling racetrack tune and a dollop of tapioca, A severed Granger's higher aspirations.

Contemplating your own Executive Severance? You can download the fatal racetrack ringtone "Call To Post":

But you didn't hear it from me. Ignoring all my calls since our near fatal tryst in the Morgue freezer, Regi has given me the cold shoulder!

We both came out of the freezer with cold shoulders in the course of our aborted frozen entree, but I really thought we made a connection.

I've tried Facetiming her. I've tried Sametiming her. I've even tried two-timing her, just to get her attention. That didn't work out well.

And now what happened to Regi? I turn back to the Granger doppelganger, but he has disappeared! Leaping from my seat, I run for the door.

And collide with my implausible visitor. "Where did you go?" "You were lost in thought for so long I stepped out for a drink of water."

"Every time I mention Regna you zone out. You must care for her." "Baloney. She's tall blond and easy to look at, NOT my kind of dame."

"Uh huh. If you're fading off somewhere again, I'm going out for a sandwich." Since when does a ghost need to eat? "What happened to Regi?"

"She disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle." No wonder she hasn't returned my calls! "Why do you think that?" "She hasn't returned my calls."

"What was she doing down there?" "What I've tried to tell you. She enrolled as a student at a Caribbean medical school to gather facts."

"Regna was always attracted to medicine. She grew up surrounded by the bleeding-edge medics at Body Parts R Us working with her father."

(The Twitter Mystery continues daily at @Twitstery)

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