Sunday, October 11, 2015

At Least I'm No Longer Circling the Drain — Live-Tweeted Mystery "The Golden Parachute" Continues

Here are Week 142 @Twitstery tweets of The Golden Parachute, the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!


"Talk to Dr. Dot or Dr. Dash. They'll know what's really going on." Regi says "We NEED to find my father before something terrible happens."

"You two can stand here arguing about gravity. Concierge, where is my father's lab?" "I told you. I don't know." "Then I'll find it myself."

Regi takes off, disappears around the hall. I follow. As I round the turn the Concierge yells "Wait! I think you're going the wrong way!"

I race to catch Regi. Running in artificial gravity is hard! I pass the Genetics Museum and the Concierge in front of Farley's Safe Room.

I press on. After what seems like a revolution I again come upon the Concierge is still standing where I left him. What happened to Regi?

Winded, I stop at a familiar door. This the same ICU room they put me in after my parallel universe parking fugue left me unconscious!

A, my nemesis, tricked me into using multiple devices while driving. I entered a mental fugue and I tried to park in two spaces at the once.

I woke up in this very ICU, prepped for cosmetic surgery. Tethered to an IV and a catheter, I was reduced to watching cartoon fairy tales.

I had forgotten that Body Parts R Us is a surgical hospital AND a cloning research lab. What strange twist of fate has led me back here?

How have my adventures lead me back to this pre-op room? There's only one way to find out. I try Googling it to no effect. Time for Plan B.

There's no warning sign on the door so I open it and walk in. Maybe there should be a warning sign. I'm in some sort of telephone closet.

It's not a closet. Row after row of computer-filled equipment cabinets stretch off into the distance. I've wandered into a vast data center!

This isn't my former hospital room after all. I am alone in a hall filled with computers. I step up to the first cabinet and peer inside.

Not just pcs. Cabinets I first thought contained just computers turn out to also hold a compendium of data peripherals and storage devices.

As I stare into one enormous monitor a pair of eyes appear onscreen and stare back at me. That's spooky. Unless I'm looking at my own eyes.

I wink and the monitor eyes wink back. I wink the other eye. Ditto the monitor eyes. I close both eyes. Now I'm in the dark. I open my eyes.

The eyes are still there. Really spooky. I glance at other cabinets and eyes stare back from each one. I wink again and they all wink back.

As I stand contemplating which eye to wink next a hand falls on my arm. "Yikes!" I note, jumping a foot in the air. "Yuk! What is all this?"

It's Regi. "Wait. Don't tell me." She points at the monitor in front of us. "That's my nightmare tonight. That's my bad dream tomorrow."

She gestures towards the next case. "And that will haunt me for a month." She turned to me. "Did I startle you?" "No, the floor is cold."

"How can you tell? You're not barefoot." Time to change the topic. "How did you know I was in here?" "I asked the Concierge where you went."

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