Sunday, August 9, 2015

Playing Square — Live-Tweeted Mystery "The Golden Parachute" Continues

cartoon animated GIF Here are Week 133 @Twitstery tweets of The Golden Parachute, the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

Here it is: "'Didn't you use fast-dissolving sutures around his middle to close him up?' 'No.'" That can't be right! I check the next tweet.

I asked A "Then didn't you change his cell ringtone to 'Call to Post?' A answered 'Ridiculous!' when he once had bragged about the murder.

Now Stuart suggests A wasn't the proximate cause of Willum's death. If this is true, A is innocent, though still guilty of attempted murder.

I say to Regi "Is this is why you hit him?" "This jerk comes from nowhere, plays you for a fool and trashes my dad's killer's conviction."

"He didn't play me for a fool." "Yes he did." Stuart says "Forest for the trees. AI computer for the microchips. Focus on what's important!"

"The Singularity is a glorious golden falcon encrusted from head to feet with the finest jewels which has acquired a coat of black enamel."

"To the typical observer it looks like nothing more than a statuesque black supercomputer." "In one box?" "Hence 'Singularity'." "I don't…"

"In that disguise it has, you might say, kicked around for a score of years by private owners too stupid to see what it was under the skin."

"Are you saying the entire Singularity resides in a single computer system?" "You begin to believe me a little?" "I haven't said I didn't."

"Haven't said I did either." Regi says "Well I don't! You're being too literal with the word 'Singularity.' It doesn't mean a single thing!"

Stuart closes his eyes and smiles complacently at inner thoughts. "The Singularity may well encompass the entire World Wide Web. However..."

Regi says "If the AI is already in the cloud then we're too late." Stuart takes a sip of coffee, pats his mouth with a napkin. "Maybe not."

"If our great black bird of a Singularity indeed took flight, we have only to find the right fowl hunter." Stuart and Regi look over at me.

I double take. "Who, me?" They continue to stare. "That isn't fair! What do I know about computers?" "Fair is fowl and fowl is fair game"

"Fair is foul? What does that even mean?" "If the AI does indeed reside in a single server we may have an opportunity to nip it in the bud."

"Confronting a Web-based AI is nipping it in the bud? If the Singularity is duplicitous I'll never find out by giving it the third degree."

Regi says "Arkaby, I've never seen you hesitate on a case. Do you believe Stuart's cock and bull story about an AI taking over the world?"

"Some one or thing killed Farley. I don't care about Stuart's Singularity. I intend to find out who or what did it." "Where will we start?"

"That all depends on Stuart, whether he's ready to come clean with us." Stuart double takes. "Who, me?" Regi and I stare. "That isn't fair!"

Stuart stands up "You accuse me of lying?" "I do. You've never played square with me for half an hour at a stretch since I've known you!"

Regi says "What makes you suspicious of Stuart?" "Did you just miss the 'never playing square with me for half an hour at a stretch' part?"

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