Sunday, June 14, 2015

Distracted By Poetic Literary Constraints — Live-Tweeted Mystery "The Golden Parachute" Continues

Here are Week 125 @Twitstery tweets of The Golden Parachute, the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

"Fact #2: At the same time Granger undertook to double down on his double helix by rewriting it into palindromes." "We know that already."

"Fact #3: Though bisected and reconnected, Granger's body persists and will continue to persist indefinitely." Stuart says "And your point?"

"By transforming his DNA into palindromes, Granger made his non-living body into an incorruptible message sent to a time he would not see.”

Silence in my darkened home. Then Stuart and Regi say "Wait. What?" "It's obvious. We've focused on interpreting Granger's DNA palindromes."

Regi says "We have?" "Yes. We were so concerned with discovering why Granger rewrote his genetic code that we never considered 'whether'."

"Whether what?" "Whether humans can respond to the Singularity. Willum sought to address the rise of artificial intelligence in computers."

"That's why he replaced every part of his body. He sought super powers to withstand the rise of intelligent machines." "Why did he do that?"

"What's the first thing computers will do when they achieve human or greater-than-human intelligence?" "What?" "Kill all humans, of course."

Stuart says "That's ridiculous! Why would computers kill us when they can enslave us?" "That's why your brother tried to get super powers!"

"But his clone augmentations didn't work. All he did was make his corpse imperishable." "He was distracted by poetic literary constraints."

Regi says "What's his message?" "The body of his message is to meet the Singularity threat we must become more alive." "Or more than dead."

"Willum Granger was ahead of his time" Stuart says "Me too." Regi says "For a time you were just a head...and I didn't know you existed."

"I need to be off the grid." "Who are you hiding from?" "Not from who, from the Singularity." "Which may already have happened." "Yes."

“Artificial intelligence will sever human sovereignty on Earth. As awareness spreads of the Singularity, people everywhere will get this."

I consider Stuart's words. Like his brother Farley, he went into hiding in the face of smart computers. Do they really pose such a threat?

Standing in my t-shirt and “Juicy” sweat pants, I feel a chill. I say "That explains the fascination with superhero movies." "And zombies."

Regi says "You fear computers? You should be ashamed of yourself!" Stuart says "You don't see AI as a threat?" "Maybe they'll ignore us."

"Doubtful. The only AI choices are enslavement or death." "At least my father resisted the fear of change." "Hiding is also resistance."

I say "Hiding didn't work out for your brother Farley." Stuart stands up "Farley's dead?" "Yes. Vaporized. They got him in his Safe Room."

"Don’t you follow my tweets?" Stuart is visibly upset. Regi says "Are you OK?" "Dead?" "Uncle, it's OK. He thought YOU were dead for years."

Stuart looks around as if the Singularity is listening, motions us closer and whispers "Don't you get it? Farley was the evil twin!" "Huh?"

The Twitter Mystery continues daily at @Twitstery !

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