Sunday, April 27, 2014

My Reality Check Just Bounced! - "The Golden Parachute" Continues!

Here are Week 66 @Twitstery tweets of The Golden Parachute, the amazing new sequel to Executive Severance!

"What?" "A thought your father thought he was becoming a god so he killed him to prevent him from becoming like Caesar." "I don't think so."

  "Regi, have you forgotten that Willum Granger's gruesome and humiliating death was A's misguided attempt at deicide?" "I don't believe you."

Regi doesn’t remember our City Morgue clash with A! How do I convince her? I scroll back through Twitter. "What are you doing?" "Wait."

"Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait." "Arkaby?" "Almost there. Wait. Wait. Yes! No! Wait. Wait. Wait." "ARKABY!" "Wait. Wait. Wait. OK Read this:"

"Then I set his ring tone to play 'Call To Post.' When I called him his bottom half took off down the track and left his top half behind."

Regi says "I remember. A was a few followers shy of a Twitter flock." Here's a link to play Call to Post:

"It's remarkable how much the opening of ‘Call to Post’ sounds just like 'Torn Between Two Lovers'" "Sure. A mistake anyone could make."

"My father's murder didn't take place inside a locked room?" "No. He was found beside himself outside." "Still, it was a mystery." "Yes."

"I remember. A locked us in a morgue freezer. My mother and half the city police freed us before we froze to death." "Or did anything else."

Regi looks up from the phone screen and gives my hand a squeeze. "There's still time for that." "Sure, if we can get back to our own time."

I feel a wave of vertigo. We look up to find a taxi has replaced the horse and carriage. The scenery has shifted from London to the States.

Regi says "What just happened?" "We phased back to our own time and place." "Where were we?" "I don't know. 19th Century England I'd guess."

"It seemed real." "That's what I'm afraid of." "What does it mean?" "It means I'm worried it WAS real." "No. What does phase shifting mean?"

"Someone thinks they can fiddle with reality to retrieve a simpler ontology. One indication of this is our momentary time shift experience."

"What do you mean?" "Ontology is the philosophical study of the nature of being, existence, or reality, as well as the categories of being."

"I know what ontology is." "You do?" "We studied it at medical school. What I mean is why does a time shift indicate a changing ontology?"

Dot says "The car’s ready. Let's get going." As Regi and I climb in I open the ERUPT manual to the Introduction. "Maybe the answer is here."

I read "'Reality is relative, based on the communication media prevalent in a culture and the biases and assumptions of the participants.'"

Regi shakes her head."What has that got to do with time shifting?" "The past is a foreign country: they do things differently there."

"Huh?" "If we remained in the past, we would live in simpler times. No climate change, no global nuclear war, no international terrorism."

Regi says "No equality. No middle class. No vaccines. No progress." ""There's that. But still cell phones, apparently." "What do you mean?”

(The Twitter Mystery continues daily at @Twitstery)

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