Friday, July 20, 2012

Robert Barry Francos gives "Thumbs Up!" to Executive Severance!

[Executive Severance] by Robert K. Blechman is a fast read, short and sweet, but it is worth the experience. If the reader is not laughing or wincing at the pun, or noting a particular reference, you are certainly enjoying the easy flow of the novel.
Illustration by David Arshawsky
Throughout the book, there are a number of illustrations that are perfectly suited for the theme, done by crack cartoonist David Arshowsky. Even here, there are subtle hints of influence, with drawings of a young McLuhan (e.g., page 125), or a reimagining of the Twitter “fail whale.”

So, if you are into mystery stories, puns, humor, Media Ecology, communications theory, or just a relaxing reading at the beach or on the john, this may be a perfect way to spend some time away from texting.

-Robert Barry Francos, FFanzeen: Rock'n'Roll Attitude With Integrity

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